Broadband speed test




DSL = Digital Subscriber Line

ADSL = Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

VDSL = Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line

FTTC = Fibre to the Cabinet

FTTP = Fibre to the premises





What download speed can I expect from fibre broadband?


Exchange Status Checker: Exchange information

Openreach: Where and when

BT Checker: Check your cabinet

Fibre Broadband Availability: Openreach Ask a question

Fibre Broadband Digital Scotland: Digital Scotland




In 75% of checks we make in properties that have reported slow broadband speeds or no connection the problem is caused by an internal issue in the property itself not with the broadband providers. If you’re having connection or slow speed problems try the following tests first.

At this point it is best if you can access your router/modem config page, if you’re not sure about how to do this Port Forward have a good list here just click on the name of your router click X to close the buy it now software tool. Click on your model number then on next page look for Default Guide (highlighted in orange)

Once you have access to the config pages of your router/modem you will need to find the Downstream (Kbps) and take a note of the present speed

Disconnect all other items that use the phone line. Phones, Sky/any other media boxes, Fax’s, Etc. anything that is plugged into your phone lines.

Once done all you will have connected to the phone line will be the filter plugged into the BT socket and the cable from the Modem/Router plugged into the filter (See Pic1)

If you have a BT Master socket (See Pic2)

Remove the two screws from the bottom half and gently pull forward the lower part, normally this will have the extension wires connected to it so be careful not to disconnect them.

Move just enough to get access to the test socket at the right side, (see Pic2 green circle)

Now you can plug the filter direct into the test socket. if you still need to call your ISP then plug a phone into the filter which is in the test socket

If you have a spare filter use this to test with

Helpful Number:  BT FAULT NUMBER: 0800 111 4567

Restart your Modem/Router, then try your connection again, if it helps and your broadband is connecting or seems to be faster (check the config page of your router/moden to see if the downstream has increased) the issue is with one of the items you have removed.

Start by plugging in one item at a time and restarting then check again the config page to see if the downstream has changed before moving on and plugging in the next. If you plug in something and the problem returns you have identified the offending item.

The above is only a quick test you can do however it could save you a long frustrating phone call to your broadband provider, and give you some satisfaction in sorting the fault yourself

INFO: If the downstream on the config page of your router has increased but testing on one of the online speed checkers doesn’t show any improvement please remember it can take 24/48 hours for this to change