Some answers to our frequently asked questions =  FAQ

Q. Do you sell new computers

A. We can supply Dell PCs & hardware but full payment will be required before shipment. All orders will be placed direct with Dell UK

Q. Do you build custom PCs

A. Not a service we provide

Q. If i buy and supply parts will you build my PC

A. Not a service we provide

Q. Do you fix tablet/phone screens

A. No. They are mind numbing to repair, bad enough doing our own ones

Q. Do you sell PC parts and accessories

A. No

Q. What time can i arrange a home/business visit

A. See our opening hours (Check times here> Contact Us)

Q. My broadband’s stopped working can you help

A. Yes we will visit to check your broadband and internal phone line wiring so you can get the best speed for your installation

Q. Our satellite broadband has lost connection can you help

A. Yes we will visit to check

Q. What areas do you cover

A. Our normal area is 30 miles radius of Insch.

Q. What is your job rate

A. We don’t charge by hour we charge by job. As we have no shop/office unit we don’t have the overheads incurred and can pass the saving on to our customers

Q. Do you have a call out charge

A. No

Q. Do you have a standing charge to check at PC

A. If you drop item off we will check and advise you of repair cost, if you don’t want to repair a small fee might be payable. This is to cover time spent sourcing part costs.

Q. Can you give me a quote over the phone

A. We prefer to see what the problem/job is so we can better advise repair cost. It would be like phoning a garage and saying “my car wont start how much to fix”

Q. Can you help me change my Broadband supplier

A. Yes. We can help you choose and change supplier

Q. Can you help set-up my new PC, Tablet

A. Yes.

Q. Do you sell Antivirus software

A. No. We don’t sell software but can help you decide what’s best for you. Checkout the list here

Q. Are you available to visit on a weekend

A. Saturday up to 12:00 

Q. Our Apple PC/Laptop is running slow can you help

A. Yes we can check over and fix