Satellite, 4G, Point to Point

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calm computers satellite


Satellite broadband once the only other option if your standard broadband through land line was poor has got a competitor, 4G. If your lucky and in an area with a good reliable 4G signal, Satellite broadband becomes a expensive option but is still the only option in some areas. We are not installers however we will fault find any failures in your system including poor new installations which unfortunately we have seen way to many of especially in the subsidy installations


With more manufacturers building 4G routers with Sim slots it is now easier to install a system to feed 4G broadband into your property (if your in a 4G coverage area). This type of system is perfect if you have poor line based broadband or if you just want to get rid of a land line altogether. With more competitive data sim rates now available its a very good alternative.

Interested in a 4G setup. Check out links below

Vodafone Gigacube

EE 4Gee router

TP-Link 4G routers

Variouse 4G routers

calm computers 4g router
calm computers wifi bridge

Point to Point

Point to point WiFi is a way to get your broadband connection from one building to another if the distance is to long or impossible to get a Ethernet cable connection. These systems are idea for example farms, caravan sites, large yards, where you need to get internet access in outside buildings, cover a large area with WiFi, or network a security camera.

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