Remote Support

Please contact Calm Computers before using any software on this page

This service is for UK based Home and Business customers only

Using this software to connect without first contacting Calm Computers, these connections will not be accepted



Quick Support

£0 For first 5 minutes

  • First 5 Minutes £0 (if issue resolved within 5 Mins, no charge)
  • Up to 30 min’s max charge: Request 
  • After 30 min’s up to 60 minutes charge: Request
  • After 60 min’s up to 120 minutes charge: Request

Business Support


  • When required
  • 7 Days
  • Fast support
  • Call for details

Our remote support software requires you to have a working broadband connection and the PC must be able to access an internet page or download email.

Remote support software & AnyDesk

Both remote support systems when connected will let the customer see full view of what we are doing during the session. During the session the customer’s PC background (wallpaper) will change to black but program icons and menus will stay in full view, once the connection is terminated the background (wallpaper) will return to normal.